The Gathering 2012 at NUHS - Poetry Contest

Congratulations to MAI HEATH of CCNM for winning the THE GATHERING 2011 POETRY CONTEST!


Flesh formed from Earth
Born in the likeness of Life
We are a part of the Whole
A blessed entity of Eternity
Cycling through Space
As a part of Space
From the Space that surrounds us
 Let us be healed
By the origin of the Self
With Energies beyond what first comes to mind
 Let us be Healed
By the substance of our cells
Older than the concept of Time
Let us be healed
Not with herbs
Not with pills
But with Words that flow from the lips of many
To Our Consciousness, collectively
You could suppress it
You could test it
But you couldn't escape it if you tried
The Vis isn't for you to decide
Just for you to use
To choose
To weld
And to abide
The Vital Force, the Wesen,
De Qi, Consciousness
The lifeline of the living
The solidarity of the varied
The Diversity of the Vis